Tamás Kiss. Web Designer and Developer from Darmstadt, Germany

Hi, I’m Tamás.

I’m a freelance Web Designer and Developer from Darmstadt, Germany. I use my passion and creativity for creating outstanding work to make the web a more beatiful place.

Despite I’m specialised on digital media, I like to draw, photograph and get my adrenaline rush through going extreme on one wheel.

My Skills

Design Development Non-digital
Websites Front-end Back-end Mobile Unicycling
Redesigns & Facelifts WordPress Templates WordPress Plugins Android Apps Photographing
User Interfaces Joomla Templates Joomla Components iOS Apps Drawing
Mobile Apps (X)HTML PHP Snowboarding Noob
Icons JavaScript / jQuery

My Experience

Digital Media Designer Freelancer / Founder Teamleader Interactive Director / Founder
2007 – 2010
poonk (aka playwithpixels)
2010 – 2011
TroubleShooter. Media
monobomb streetwear

Some more facts

23cans is my average consumption of energy drinks every quarter 4letters is the length of my last name – It is also the name of a rockband 2 1/2hours lasted until my first successful attempt on a unicycle